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The following guide demonstrates how to transfer iPhone notes to BlackBerry MemoPad. The method is compatible with all iPhone and BlackBerry devices. For the demonstration, we used an iPhone 5s and a BlackBerry Bold 9700.

The transfer is only possible via a two-step process:

If you know a way to transfer the notes without the need for Outlook, your ideas are welcome in the comments section below.

First copy the iPhone notes to Outlook

To get the iPhone notes imported to BlackBerry, you first need to copy them to Outlook on the PC by following the procedure described in the link below Copy iPhone notes to Outlook copy iphone notes to outlook

Next import the Outlook notes to BlackBerry

  1. Once you have the notes loaded up on Outlook, it is time to import them to the BlackBerry. To do so, you need to use the free BlackBerry Desktop Software. Download it from the link below

    Download BlackBerry Desktop Software

  2. Run the BlackBerry software on your PC and connect the BlackBerry blackberry bold 9700 connected to computer to desktop software

  3. Click on “Organizer”, then on “Configure settings…” configure organizer settings in blackberry desktop software
    NOTE: If the MemoPad option is greyed-out and shows “(syncing wirelessly)”, this means that you are currently syncing the BlackBerry MemoPad notes to an online service. You need to turn off wireless synchronization from within your BlackBerry. If the wireless sync option is not available on the BlackBerry, consult this troubleshooting article

  4. Check the box next to “MemoPad” intellisync window from blackberry desktop software with memopad box checked

  5. From the list of applications, select “Microsoft Outlook” and click “Next” memopad setup window with microsoft outlook selected

  6. Select “One way sync to Device” memopad setup window sync direction to device

  7. Click “Next” microsoft outlook settings for memopad

  8. Complete the wizard by clicking “Finish” blackberry memopad sync wizard complete

  9. Double-check the sync direction (should be from Outlook to MemoPad) and click OK blackberry intellisync memopad setup

  10. Click on the “Sync” button to apply the changes blackberry desktop software sync button

The iPhone notes are now imported to the MemoPad app on your BlackBerry.

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