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The new Device Cleanup feature in CopyTrans Apps allows you to free iPhone up from unnecessary temporary and cached files as well as cookies that take up space on the device. With CopyTrans Apps, you can safely clean up any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as demonstrated below.

Important note concerning iOS 8.3 and later

With iOS 8.3, Apple limited access to iOS temporary cached files and cookies. This means that CopyTrans Apps Cleaner feature is not available for devices running iOS 8.3 and higher.

Clean up unnecessary iOS files on iPhone

  1. On your computer, download CopyTrans Apps: Download CopyTrans Apps

  2. Install the program. If you need help installing CopyTrans Apps, please refer to this article

  3. Run CopyTrans Apps and plug in the iPhone. Click on the “Cleaner” button found at the base of the window copytrans apps cleaner button

  4. From the next screen, click “Scan” copytrans apps device cleanup with scan button displayed

  5. CopyTrans Apps will now scan the iPhone for temporary and cached files and cookies. Hold on until the scan completes copytrans device cleanup running

  6. Choose what files to delete from the iPhone memory by checking the box next to each item. Items which you can clean up are cache files, scripts and cookies, temporary files and installer cache. Once ready, click “Start cleanup” copytrans lists iphone cache and temporary files to cleanup

NOTE: If you are not sure what each of these items means, be sure to check the following quick reference guides:

This is how to free up space on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by cleaning up the iOS cache, temporary files and cookies. iphone space freed up after device cleanup with copytrans apps

Clean up iPhone YouTube Tutorial

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