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While there is a clear advantage of keeping data online for having it readily accessible anywhere, storing private files such as contacts, calendars, notes and other sensitive information in iCloud could prove exposing and unsafe.

This article will help you avoid being dependent on iCloud when it comes to backing up personal iPhone data such as contacts, calendars and notes. It provides alternative methods for keeping a safe offline backup of iPhone data on a PC.

Risks of storing data online include but are not limited to:

  • your sensitive information being taken control of

  • being denied access to essential files

  • being locked out of your account

  • and – not least – being surveyed by national governments as was recently uncovered by a scandal involving Edward Snowden, a former employee of the US National Security Agency.

Straying away from iCloud? – not necessarily

The choice whether to keep data in the Cloud or have it backed-up offline should ultimately remain with the end-user. Here, we provide several ways to avoid having to store sensitive iPhone, iPad, or iPod data in your iCloud account. The methods below do now exclude using iCloud and provide an offline alternative to backing up iDevice data.

A holistic approach to keeping iPhone data offline – CopyTrans 4Pack

Use the CopyTrans 4Pack to keep iOS data safe and dry. The 4Pack is a set of programs to help backup iPhone contacts, messages, music, apps, photos, calendars, notes and more and keep them safe on the PC. See the CopyTrans 4Pack in action 4Pack Info and Download

Backup iPhone contacts on your PC

To keep an offline backup of iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch contacts, use CopyTrans Contacts. CopyTrans Contacts is a computer application which can be used completely independently from, or alongside iCloud to backup iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch contacts to PC. You can keep a safe offline backup of iPhone contacts, by following through the steps outlined in the tutorial below:
How to backup iPhone Contacts

keep offline backup of iphone contacts via copytrans contacts

An offline solution to backup iPhone SMS

Keeping an offline backup of iPhone SMS text messages is easy. Just run CopyTrans Contacts, connect the iPhone and follow this tutorial:
How to backup iPhone SMS text messages

backing up iphone text messages using copytrans contacts

Backup iCloud notes to PC

If you have ever wondered how to have an offline copy of iCloud notes saved to your PC, CopyTrans Contacts comes to the rescue. Simply follow these directions in order to backup iCloud notes to a computer:
How to backup iCloud notes to computer

notes from icloud to pc backup

Keep a safe backup of iPhone calendars on PC

If you prefer not to sync the iPhone calendar with iCloud and keep your calendar appointments locally on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, there is now a way to backup iPhone calendars offline to a PC as these instructions demonstrate:
How to backup iPhone Calendar

copytrans contacts window showing iphone calendar

These are just a few easy steps you can take in order to avoid keeping sensitive information in the Cloud, or to diminish your dependance on data stored in iCloud.

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