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Want to transfer all songs and playlists from iPhone to PC or iTunes? Use CopyTrans. If you reached the trial version limitations, follow the quick directions below in order to purchase the program and unlock its full potential.

Let’s activate CopyTrans

  1. Open CopyTrans.

  2. Click on the “Actions left” button on top of the main program window. actions left button in main program window

  3. From the popup, choose “Get the full version for unlimited use”. purchase button in copytrans

  4. Click “Buy Now”. CopyTrans buy now step 1

  5. Choose “Buy Now” to purchase CopyTrans or “Upgrade Now” to benefit from the special CopyTrans 6 Pack offer. CopyTrans buy now step 2

  6. A web browser window opens where you can enter your credit card information and purchase the app. Enter your account credentials

  7. Once you effectuated the purchase, return to the CopyTrans Purchase window and stand-by until the program is automatically activated. automatic activation in process

  8. That’s all, you have your very own unlimited copy of CopyTrans. Enjoy! automatic activation succeeded

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