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CopyTrans “Smart Backup” of iPod/iPhone to iTunes

CopyTrans “Smart Backup” automatically transfers all tracks, track information, artworks and playlists to iTunes. CopyTrans knows and decides what needs to be transferred. One click, safe and 100% duplicate free!

Three easy steps to transfer iPhone music to iTunes

  1. Download and start CopyTrans
  2. Connect your iPod/iPhone to the PC
  3. Click “Start backup”
Note: If your iPod or iPhone is not detected please follow these troubleshooting tips →
If more than one device is connected, please select the correct iPhone from the drop down menu.

All tracks that need to be transferred or updated in iTunes are automatically selected. If you want to take full control and customize every step of the backup process, choose the “Manual Backup” mode.

copy ipod to pc

YouTube: CopyTrans Smart backup instructions

If “Smart Backup” is not possible, please follow these troubleshooting tips.

Everything’s back in iTunes!

After the transfer open iTunes. All your music, videos, TV-Shows, podcasts, audio-books, voice memos, ringtones, playlists, smart playlists and your tag information: ratings, play counts, album artwork, date added and so forth are exactly as on your iPhone.

Note for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad: If you want to transfer applications back to iTunes, please read this tutorial →

iTunes track status

To show the detailed status of a track, simply hover your mouse over it.

  • ipod to pcThis track is not in iTunes. Track should be transferred.
  • update itunes from iphoneThis track is in iTunes but not up-to-date. Track should be updated.
  • recover itunes libraryThis track is in iTunes and up-to-date. Track should be skipped.

ipod to ipod

Explore iPhone content

  1. Use the Categories, Genres, Artists and Albums menus to easily browse your iPhone.
  2. You can search for specific tracks by using the search box.
  3. Click on an iPhone playlist to display its tracks.
  4. Sort tracks in the main list view by clicking on any column name.
  5. Note: Right click a column name to hide or show additional track details.
ipod touch backup

You now know all about the “Smart Backup” feature.

To get into more advanced backups, refer to the “Manual Backup” guide

Go to Manual Backup →

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