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You can use the free trial version of CopyTrans Contacts in order to manage your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch contacts, calendars, SMS text-messages, notes, and bookmarks free of charge for 50 consecutive actions but wait, there is more! free actions count in copytrans contacts on first run

How to get more out of the free version of CopyTrans Contacts?

  1. Once you run out of your initial number of free actions available you can easily obtain an additional set of free actions by sharing about your CopyTrans Contacts experience with family and friends. In order to obtain more free actions in CopyTrans Contacts, simply click on the “Actions left” button clickable actions left button

  2. A new window listing available ways in which you can get additional actions will appear ways to get additional free trial actions

  3. To get additional free actions, you can Like our Facebook page, or share about CopyTrans Contacts by posting on your Wall. You can also follow us on Twitter or tweet about CopyTrans Contacts. Finally, you can take our survey, or tell about CopyTrans Contacts to up to 5 of your friends by email

Select the method you wish to use in order to share about CopyTrans Contacts. Each method brings 25 additional free actions. Sharing by email can get you up to 50 new actions.

The total of additional free actions you can obtain by using the methods described above is 175 in addition to the 50 free actions you start with!

This means that you have a total of 225 free actions available in CopyTrans Contacts before you decide to purchase the full and unlimited version of the program.

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