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Yes. CopyTrans can back up all audio and video tracks within the Music, Podcasts and iBooks apps on your iPhone. CopyTrans is fully compatible with all Apple iDevices. The below is a list of all the content CopyTrans backs up to the PC. Click here to download CopyTrans now

CopyTrans backs up and copies the following iPhone content

  • songs
  • videos/movies
  • TV shows
  • applications
  • audiobooks
  • books/pdfs
  • podcasts (incl. subscriptions)
  • voice memos
  • MMS videos
  • home made videos
  • playlists
  • smart playlists
  • ratings
  • play counts
  • artworks
  • date added
  • date last played
  • date last skipped
  • skipped count
  • volume
  • start time
  • stop time
  • skip when shuffling
  • remember playback position
  • part of gapless album
  • show name
  • episode ID
  • episode number
  • season number

File formats supported by CopyTrans

  • Music and other audio: .mp3, .m4r, .m4a .aac

  • Video: .mov, .mp4

  • Other: .pdf

CopyTrans is designed to back up iPhone, iPad and iPod audio and video tracks as well as playlists to iTunes on your PC or to a PC folder of your choice.

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