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Activation of the CopyTrans programs requires an active Internet connection. So before you start make sure you are connected to the Internet and have allowed CopyTrans through your firewall. Activation failed. Please make sure you are connected to the Internet and allow CopyTrans through yur firewall

The above error message appears when your computer gets disconnected from the Internet or your firewall blocks the CopyTrans programs from connecting to the Internet.

Why am I required to connect to the Internet?

Connection to the Internet is only required at the activation stage. Right after you have entered your activation code, the CopyTrans programs temporarily connect to our activation server to verify your details.

Once verification has passed, the program gets activated and it no longer requires an active Internet connection to run and operate normally.

How can I sort it out?

  1. Check your Internet connection and make sure that it works

  2. Ensure that the CopyTrans programs are allowed through your firewall: Internet connection error / Firewall configuration

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