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You can access any of the CopyTrans programs by directly launching it without the need to start CopyTrans Control Center first.

There are two ways in which you can achieve that:

A. Creating a shortcut to your PC’s desktop for any of our programs:

  1. Open the CopyTrans Control Center and click on the cogwheel next to the the program whose shortcut you wish to create. Then choose “Create shortcut” copytrans control center

  2. You will now be able to access any application from your computer’s desktop copytrans shortcut

B. Downloading the standalone version

  1. Go to the download page and then scroll down to the application you want

  2. Click on “Download zip (advanced users)”

  3. Open the ZIP file and extract the *.exe file to any folder

  4. To launch the application, simply click on the executable

Note: We recommend that you always keep your programs up to date. CopyTrans Control Center is designed to help you learn about new updates immediately when the update is available.

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