CopyTrans Photo

Transfer photos from iPhone to computer and back

  • Transfer photos and videos to and from iPhone
  • Delete photos to free up space on your iPhone
  • Manage iPhone and iPad photo albums
  • Back up your photos and videos

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CopyTrans Photo interface

Transfer photos from iPhone to computer

Transfer the photos, videos, live photos, bursts, portraits, time-lapse, panoramas and more from your iPhone to your computer with a simple drag and drop. Back up your entire iPhone photo library with one click of a button! Just press ‘Full Backup’ and wait until all the photos and videos are transferred to your computer or an external hard drive.

Transfer iPhone photos to PC

Transfer photos from computer to iPhone

CopyTrans Photo offers a two-way transfer: you can also move pictures and videos from a computer to an iPhone or iPad. Create new albums and organize your photos however you want. View your iPhone and PC pictures and videos in one interface and simply drag and drop them from one side to the other. Apply the changes and you are all set.

Album iPhone

Organize iPhone and iPad photos using albums

There are a lot of photos and videos on your iPad and it is not always easy to find the one you are looking for? With CopyTrans Photo you can create iPad and iPhone albums and organize your pictures and videos in no time.
The photo preview conveniently displays your shot’s geolocation and altitude as well as photo size, date taken and format.

iPhone photos & videos

HEIC support

CopyTrans Photo supports the new HEIC format. You can choose to keep the orginal HEIC photos or convert them to JPEG automatically while transferring them to PC.

Transfer HEIC photos to PC

What people say about CopyTrans Photo

It worked well but like someone else mentioned, it was probably just to use one time. I'm done with the iPhone.....I LOVE my Galaxy Note!!
Expensive for a single use. But it works as expected and far better than copying using Windows.
Very Pleased so far
Easy to use
Your product was just what I needed. I'm not an iPhone person, but needed to find a way to get my husband's photos off his old phone and into his new one. The folks at the store where he purchased the new phone were supposed to transfer all his data from the old phone to the new, however his photos weren't there. Took me a while to figure out, but finally did it! Thanks CopyTrans.

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Download English installer | 9 MB