copytrans control center new look

The all-new CopyTrans Control Center is here. Take a look!

The CopyTrans Control Center is where the CopyTrans programs live and evolve. After months of careful crafting, we announce the beautiful new home of the CopyTrans apps with an enhanced look, fresh feel and an intuitive twist. copytrans control center main window with start button in view

Get the all-new CopyTrans Control Center

Helping you keep up-to-date

We put constant efforts in keeping all CopyTrans programs up-to-date with the latest Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad models and iOS versions; well ahead of anyone else. When we blend this effort with the strive to improve and evolve our apps, we land up with a regular stream of newly-released versions.

The CopyTrans Control Center is the easiest way to access the latest versions of the CopyTrans programs with a single click of a button. update buttons in control center

Lightweight and fast

Lightweight and fast, it installs and runs your favorite CopyTrans programs in a snap. use copytrans control center to start a program

And at less than 6 MB in size, the CopyTrans Control Center is the quickest way to manage your CopyTrans programs all under one roof.

Direct access to help and tutorials

Access a total of more than 400 categorized tutorials dedicated to the CopyTrans programs with a single click from the new CopyTrans Control Center. Help is just a click away. view copytrans tutorials with control center

Clear-cut and coherent

See at a glance which CopyTrans programs are installed. The CopyTrans Control Center now places installed apps in a separate area on top of the window. installed apps in copytrans control center

There’s more like creating Desktop shortcuts and installing old CopyTrans versions but we let you discover that yourself.

Get started now: How to use the CopyTrans Control Center

Your take

When designing the new CopyTrans Control Center we listened carefully and took at heart what you told us.

Download the new version, take a look and tell us what you think!

  • Mark Spurbeck

    I am attempting to transfer photos from my work iPad Air to my newly purchased iPad Air 2. The program starts out without a hitch, photo’s can be seen on my iPad – I click the full back up and nothing, select my folder on my pc for the back up, select ok – and at this point I am told I should wait for the back up – I let it sit a few minutes but nothing happens, no dialogue box indicating a back up is occurring, I would like to resolve this – I have tried everything to transfer these files to my new iPad – I don’t want to lose them. There are approximately 3000 photo’s. I did try the other method. I selected a tab, a few photo’s and moved them to the PC side under my new folder – again nothing happened. Can you help?

  • John Haynes

    I am trying to use CopyTrans Manager (I am a paid user and have the latest Copytrans 5.028 activated to use iTunes 12.2.1 which works fine) but the free Manager keeps opening in read only mode and asking me to enable and activate it – how? I have uninstalled and re-installed to no avail. I am using Windows 10 on a Surface Pro 2

    • Hi John, CopyTrans Manager could be in read only mode because of outdated iOS drivers. As a free program, CopyTrans Manager does not need activation. Please get in touch with our support team at and let them know more about the matter.

      • John Haynes

        Yup – did that yesterday, but I have just completed a full clean install of iTunes 12.2 64 bit on my Surface Pro 2 and am in Windows 10 (which updates automatically whether you want to or not), so I am pretty sure I have the latest drivers…..