Organize your photos with CopyTrans Photo

Organize your photos with CopyTrans Photo using tabs

Do you have a 16 GB iPhone and it’s a pain for you to keep enough free space for the new photos? Do you always struggle with what to delete from your iDevice and to keep track of what you’ve already backed up? I feel your pain, I’ve used a 16 gig iPhone for almost 5 years. CopyTrans Photo has a nifty little solution for you to easily organize your photos faster – both on your PC and on your iPhone. I do it about every month.

First, I open CopyTrans Photo, go through my photos and decide which ones I want to keep on my iPhone at all times: vacations, cats (!), useful screenshots, you name it. I create new albums on my iPhone or choose existing albums I previously created and put all the stuff I need there. It’s way faster to do it through CopyTrans Photo on your computer, than having to do it on the iPhone.

To create an album I right-click on the left pane and choose “New album” (or press Ctrl + N):

Create new album on iPhone

Now the album needs to be named:

Name new album

I keep the best pictures of my cats on my iPhone so I can harass people around me with their cuteness anytime I need.

Now it’s time to backup the rest of the photos I don’t need on my iPhone. I still want to keep them on my computer, in case someone wants to look at more pictures of my adorable cats. This lets me free up space on the iPhone. I have special folders set up for my backups on my PC: folders for the photos of my family, cats (!), food, vacations, etc. You can name them however you want, or use already existing setup you have on your computer.

Next, I go to the first folder I’m putting my photos in and click on the plus sign button on the PC side in CopyTrans Photo:

Create a tab in CopyTrans Photo

There! I’ve created a tab. Now I can repeat with all the folders I want to have quick access to. Next time I’m cleaning up my iPhone photos, I just quickly switch between the tabs and have the photos organized in no time.