here's how to manage ipad photos on pc

No, iTunes was never ready to manage iPhone photos. Here’s how to do it the right way

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ctp icon It’s been six years since Apple introduced its new high-resolution “Retina Display” aptly suited to showing off crisp, lifelike images on iPhone and iPad alike. Nonetheless, iPhone and iPad users still cringe in horror when having to sync albums and photos with their PC.

It’s not just about iTunes. The entire process of moving albums from iPad to PC is flawed. Transferring photos to iPhone is limited too; not least that it results in reducing the quality of high-resolution shots. Add to all this the never-ending battle to free up iPhone space and you suddenly find yourself in the eye of the storm. Let me airlift you from there.

It’s time to manage your photos differently.

How to get iPad albums to show on your PC?

I care about my photos and have them organized on my iPad into dozens of albums. I thought it was a bad joke that iTunes can’t transfer the albums to my PC. I was wrong, it wasn’t a joke; it’s for real.

Here’s why the entire process of transferring albums is flawed…

The complete lack of a photo-import feature in iTunes is not what worried me most. The first time I realized there was something wrong, was when I connected the iPad to my PC. All I saw on the PC screen, was a bunch of oddly-named folders that had nothing to do with the albums I had on the iPad. ipad albums vs dcim folders

The Windows Import tool is no good either. I found out it can only copy photos into folders named by date; without a trace of my actual iPad album structure. ipad dcim folder mess

As if to finish me off, my PC showed many of the imported photos incorrectly rotated. iphone photo rotated on pc

Now that we broke the ice, let me show you how to easily replicate your iPad or iPhone album arrangement on any PC. Apple suggests using iCloud Photo Library. Don’t bother. See why iCloud Photo Library is a calamity in its own right in the related article.

How iCloud Photo Library took hostage of my iPhone photos

The right way to view and transfer iPad albums on PC

CopyTrans Photo is the easiest way to view and enjoy your iPad albums, photos and videos on your computer. Here’s why.

  1. You can see your iPad and iPhone albums on the PC exactly as they appear on the device, complete with their photo and video contents. All you need to do is run CopyTrans Photo and connect the iPad to the computer. The albums show on the left of the program window.

    Click here to download CopyTrans Photo ipad albums on pc in copytrans photo

  2. You can copy all albums to your computer with a single click of the orange “Full Backup” button. full backup button in copytrans photo The copied albums are as neatly organized on your computer, as they appear on the iPad. ipad photo albums in windows explorer
  3. You can alternatively transfer individual iPad albums with a mere drag-and-drop without even quitting the program window. transfer ipad albums to pc
  4. Bonus: You get to see your photos correctly rotated. 🙂
    correctly rotated iphone photos in main program window
  5. Finally, CopyTrans Photo helps you free up space on your iPad by allowing you to delete multiple unneeded photos at once in a snap.

delete photos from iphone

Next, see how to copy high-res photos to iPhone

How to copy high-res DSLR photos to iPhone

…without losing quality?

If you ever used iTunes to sync PC photos to your iPhone or iPad, you probably noticed that iTunes scales down the images. It’s bewildering, considering that excellent Retina Display capable of flaunting your beautiful shots!

For example, I took a couple of night-shots with my Nikon DSLR camera. While the originals were 4276 by 2840 pixels, when transferred to my iPad, the photos were scaled-down to 2312 by 1536 – a noticeable difference. scaled down high-resolution photo on iphone

If preserving photo quality is important to you, use CopyTrans Photo to move high-resolution photos to any iPhone or iPad without loss of quality.

How to transfer high-res DSLR photos to iPhone

To transfer the photos, run CopyTrans Photo, connect your iPhone and simply drag-and-drop the images from your PC to the iPhone album where you want them. Note that the iPhone and iPad support both JPEG and PNG photo formats. drag and drop high resolution photos from pc to ipad

In contrast to iTunes sync, CopyTrans Photo transfers the photos in full resolution, identical to the originals on your PC. photo displayed on ipad air in full resolution

Useful tip:

Did you know that CopyTrans Photo helps you preview photos and play videos before transferring them to the iPad? In Photo Preview mode, you can see all kinds of EXIF information including

  • photo geolocation
  • altitude
  • camera model used to take the photo
  • date taken
  • dimensions, etc.

Fire-up Photo Preview by double-clicking on a pic in CopyTrans Photo. preview photo exif data on pc

Finally, see how to transfer albums to iPad without iTunes

How to transfer albums to iPad without iTunes?

Scaling down photos is not all that is wrong with iTunes photo sync:

  • First of all, iTunes only allows you to transfer photos from a single PC folder. To make matters worse, you can only sync photos from a single PC. Try using iTunes to sync photos from another computer, and all photos previously brought to your iPad/iPhone are instantly deleted. google search: itunes is
  • Second, iTunes doesn’t really show you the photos that you are going to sync.
  • Third, if you lost the original photos from your computer, you can’t really retrieve any of them from the iPad.

    In this case, Apple suggests emailing the photos one by one to yourself. Seriously?

  • The list goes on… CopyTrans Photo solves all of the above.

Here’s how I got multiple albums from PC to my iPad

  1. The way I do it is, start CopyTrans Photo, connect the iPad and drag and drop the PC folder to the program window.

    Get CopyTrans Photo and transfer albums to iPad with ease drag and drop pc folder to ipad

  2. Next, I click on the green “Apply changes” button on top. green apply changes button The album including the photos and videos inside is now transferred to the iPad. my ipad albums This is all you need to know to manage iPhone and iPad photos like it’s finally 2016!

Your take

You don’t need to be a photo junkie to find the default iTunes and Windows methods of managing iPhone photos inadequate. It’s a shame that with hardware designed to shoot and display wonderful high quality photos and videos, Apple offers so little for Windows PCs.

While you are still here, feel free to tell me how you manage your iPhone or iPad photos on Windows. Leave your tip in the comments section below.