New CopyTrans Contacts: compatible with iOS 10, pdf export of messages

Managing Contacts on iOS 10 and Saving Messages in PDF on the PC

We are so excited to introduce our new, upgraded, and significantly improved version of CopyTrans Contacts!

If you haven’t used CopyTrans Contacts yet, go ahead and try it for free:

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What’s new in CopyTrans Contacts v1.5?

  • 100% iOS 10 compatible

    Easily transfer valuable data between your iPhone running iOS 10, the PC and cloud acounts. CopyTrans Contacts is fully compatible with the latest iOS. Copytrans programs are fully compatible with iOS 10

  • Six times faster

    Manage your Contacts, Conversations, Notes, Calendars, Reminders and Bookmarks on your iPhone six times faster. New faster CopyTrans Contacts

  • You asked, we added!

    For a completely new feature we enabled pdf export of all your messages!
    Now it’s really fast to back up all sms, iMessages, Line, WhatsApp, and Viber conversations in pdf format. In addition, you can easily save all the images and videos from your chats to a separate folder on your PC. Isn’t it exciting?Export messages in pdf with CopyTrans Contacts

This feature is especially helpful for those of you who need to prepare evidence for a legal case in front of a court or who simply need to archive some old iPhone messages.

Can’t wait to get your hands on this new handy feature? Just update your CopyTrans Contacts to the latest version and go for it!

Note: If you purchased CopyTrans Contacts more than 2 years ago, your activation codes are about to expire. But we are happy to offer a 30% discount for your license extension: just drop us a quick email at!