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Make the smart switch: The easy way to transfer contents from Android to iPhone

You decided that it’s time to trade in your Android smartphone for a brand new iPhone? Well, switching from Android to iOS is surprisingly easy. Follow these quick steps to transfer contacts, photos, music, videos and apps to iPhone without iTunes.

The file transfer tutorial we combined below works with all Android phones and tablets including Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note, Tab S, HTC One, Nexus and is compatible with all iPhone and iPad models running iOS 9 and earlier.

Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

Getting your contacts to a new iPhone may very well be the first thing you want to do once you migrate to iOS. Here’s how it’s done.

  1. Open the “Contacts” or “People” app on the Android device galaxy contacts application

  2. Tap “More” or the “…” symbol on the top of the screen. more button in android contacts app

  3. Now choose to export contacts to your device storage as vCards export android contacts to your device storage as vcards

  4. Connect the Android device to any Windows PC, including Windows 10 and navigate to the phone storage or SD card depending on where you just exported the contacts phone storage on windows explorer

  5. Find the “Contacts.vcf” file and drag-n-drop it to the PC Desktop contacts vcf file in android storage

  6. Download CopyTrans Contacts from the following page

    Download CopyTrans Contacts now
  7. Start CopyTrans Contacts and connect the iPhone copytrans contacts main window

  8. Drag and drop the “Contacts.vcf” file from the Desktop to the open CopyTrans Contacts window drag and drop contacts to copytrans contacts

That’s it! The Android contacts are imported to the iPhone. iphone contacts

Check out this 1-minute video tutorial demonstrating the steps above:

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Import Android photos to iPad

Remember those entry-level digital cameras from the late 90s and early 00s? Bet your smartphone camera has largely replaced the need for one of them and is even better at taking photos. Smartphones enable us to bring our photos with us wherever we go.

And this doesn’t need to change when you switch to a new device. Importing Android photos to iPhone and iPad is quick and easy.

  1. Begin by connecting the Android phone to the PC. Then navigate to the Phone or SD card storage depending on where the photos are located android phone storage in windows explorer window

  2. Find the DCIM folder. This is the place where Android keeps the photos you shoot on the device. Drag and drop the photos to a folder on the PC Desktop drag and drop photos to pc desktop

  3. Get CopyTrans Photo on the PC

    Click here to download CopyTrans Photo
  4. Start CopyTrans Photo and connect the iPhone or iPad. In the main program window, on the far right, select the Desktop folder containing the Android photos main copytrans photo window

  5. Create a new photo album on the iPhone by using the green Photos symbol on the left hand side button to create iphone photo albums in copytrans photo

  6. Next drag and drop the photos from the PC side to the iPhone side drag and drop photos from right to left in copytrans photo

  7. Click on the “Apply changes” button apply changes button

There you go; your photos were transferred to the iPhone. Enjoy!

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Copy music and movies from Android to iPhone

Getting music and movies transferred over to the iPhone is just as easy.

  1. Connect the Android device to the PC and find the “Music” and “Movies” folders containing your songs and films. Drag and drop the folders to the Desktop

    drag and drop music folder from android to the pc desktop This will copy the tracks directly to the computer. android music folder on windows pc
  2. Download CopyTrans Manager and run it on the PC

    Get CopyTrans Manager now main copytrans manager window

  3. Connect the iPhone and use CopyTrans Manager to create a new playlist where to copy the music – in our case, we called the playlist “Android music” create new music playlist on iphone with copytrans manager

  4. Now, select the the newly-created playlist and drag-n-drop the “Music” folder from the Desktop to the open CopyTrans Manager window transfer music via drag and drop to iphone

  5. Click on the “Update” button to apply the changes update button in copytrans manager

The music is now transferred to the iPhone. android songs list on iphone 6

The default Videos app on iOS supports only a limited scope of video formats. That’s why we recommend using a third-party iOS app to play your movies on the iPhone. To transfer your movies and series, follow the steps in the tutorial linked below

How to transfer movies and videos from Android to iPhone

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