CopyTrans is compatible with iOS 11

iOS 11 and iTunes v12.7 compatibility report

UPDATE: Apple released iOS 11.3 on March, 29 and iTunes on April, 18. The compatibility table was updated accordingly.

After the long-awaited Apple conference, the new generation of iPhones was finally revealed, and this time there were two big announcements – iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X (pronounced as “ten”). While you’re deciding which iPhone to buy next, we’re hard at work making CopyTrans programs compatible with iOS 11 and iTunes 12.7.
The releases resulted in significant changes; for example, iTunes is now more focused on music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and audiobooks. Custom e-books and ringtones are gone. Don’t panic! You can still add and delete your ringtones with CopyTrans Manager and e-books with CopyTrans Apps.

iOS 11 logo

Below you can find the information about CopyTrans software compatibility with the latest iOS 11.3 and iTunes

iOS 11.3 & iTunes v12.7.4.80 Compatibility

Program iOS 11.3
CopyTrans v5.601 compatible compatible*
CopyTrans Contacts v1.701 compatible compatible
CopyTrans Photo v4.203 compatible compatible
CopyTrans Manager v1.118 compatible compatible
CopyTrans Drivers Installer v2.042 compatible
CopyTrans TuneSwift v2.600 iOS independent compatible*
CopyTrans Shelbee v1.134 compatible* compatible
CopyTrans Apps v1.062 compatible compatible
CopyTrans Cloudly v1.009 iOS independent iTunes independent

*Compatible, provided an Internet connection is active.

When Apple releases official versions of iOS and iTunes, we make all our programs compatible within 48 hours