How to stay secure on public Wi-Fi networks

[Infographic] How To Use Public Wi-Fi Networks Safely

Today a public Wi-Fi network is more than just ease and convenience for public. Restaurants, shopping malls, public libraries and convention centers provide free Wi-Fi to attract more visitors and promote their business.

But do we realize how vulnerable we are to cyber crime and data theft when we shop online or enter our PayPal account credentials on public Wi-Fi networks? Our data is way more valuable than a free Wi-Fi session. To stay secure on public Wi-Fi networks, it’s enough to include a few practices while going online: use VPN, browse pages selectively, avoid file sharing and change passwords frequently.

We invite you to take a look at this wonderful infographic on public Wi-Fi security designed by thebestvpn.
Here you can find great explanation of each point below. A guide on public wifi security guide