Add songs to iPhone without iTunes

How to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes?

Got an iPhone from a friend. Want to keep your friend’s songs and add some more from your computer? iTunes will not allow you to and will instead return a message “The iPhone is synced with another iTunes library. Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library?” iphone is synced with another itunes library

And erase the contents of the iPhone it will, as soon as you click on that “Erase and Sync” button! This quick tutorial demonstrates how to add songs from PC to iPhone or iPad freely, without iTunes and without being asked about whether you wish to “erase and sync”. Let’s begin.

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Add songs to iPhone without risk of deleting anything

  1. First download the free CopyTrans Manager on your PC. CopyTrans Manager allows you to add music and videos to your iPhone without iTunes and sync-free

    Get CopyTrans Manager for free
  2. Start CopyTrans Manager and connect the iPhone. The iPhone tracks appear in the main program window copytrans manager main window with iphone songs listed

  3. Click on the “Add” button on top, navigate to the songs on your PC via the popup and select them. Now click the “Add” button at the bottom of the popup add songs to iphone with copytrans manager

  4. To apply the changes, click on the “Update” button on top of the main window update button to apply changes

The songs appear instantly on the iPhone. music tracks on iphone 6 added with copytrans manager

Get album artwork

CopyTrans Manager will help you search for and add album artwork. Simply right-click on the song whose album cover you wish to add and choose “Edit”. edit iphone songs right-click menu

From the newly opened window click “Search artwork” and CopyTrans Manager to automatically look for the cover online. Or click “Edit artwork” to add a cover image saved on your computer. copytrans manaager track editor

Click “Apply”. apply album artwork change

Don’t forget to click on the “Update” button to apply the changes to the iPhone. doctor pressure by mylo on iphone 6

This is how easy it gets to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes.

  • skgoel

    Does COPYTRANS without iTune installation (with iphone Drivers) also require “Apple Application Support” and “Apple Mobile Device Support” programs which are automatically installed by CopyTransDriversInstaller ? I do not want these programs also , can someone guide

    • Hi skgoel, your PC requires both in order to correctly recognize your iOS device.

  • Hi Chris, looks like your iPhone library is corrupted. Could you please contact me directly at ? I’ll help you sort it out.

  • Mark

    I am trying to install this, but it is asking to UNINSTALL something but it does not tell me WHAT it is going to uninstall. Is it trying to uninstall iTunes?

  • Chris Cromer


  • Denise

    Is there a way to copy only the playlists onto another iPhone? Thanks

  • Gokky

    This apps doesn’t work for me. First it deleted all of my playlist it even erased some of my music and second after a new update installed the song wont play after transfered into my iphone

    • Hi Gokky, this is odd. It sounds as if there is something wrong with the music library on your iDevice. We are here to help, contact our support team directly at and let us know more about the matter.

      • Gokky

        Thank you for replying. Dont worry i’ve found a way to fix it, all i got to do was to erased all of my music inside my phone which sucks and finally the apps works fine

  • Dyarmo van Beeck

    it doesnt respond ive tried up to 3 times

  • Allied GwaiLous

    I don’t get the “Add” button anywhere?

    • Hi, are you making sure you are using CopyTrans Manager and not CopyTrans which is a separate program with another function?

  • Liam Tuck

    Tried 3 times to add music to iPhone 6 and nothing is showing up on library! Need urgent response!

  • Liam Tuck

    Tried 3 times to add music to iPhone 6 and nothing is showing up on library! Need urgent response!

  • Matej Balašković

    I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve been f**king around with the glitchy iTunes for months, now that I’ve found this, transferring music has never been easier. Thank you so much, devs.

    • Hi Matej, thanks! Glad that CopyTrans Manager was the solution for you. Spread the word!

  • Samujjal Kalita

    It Works, after adding the file, press the update button

  • Mark Kristoffer Capaz

    Hey where in my iPhone 5s can i open and listen to the music. and it doesn’t let me edit the songs. help me plsss

    • Hi Mark, yes CopyTrans Manager allows you to play, add and modify as well as delete music on your iPhone. Simply fire-up CopyTrans Manager and connect your iPhone to the PC. 🙂

  • Aurora

    sorry but i have no clue on what to do here? I try to install it but instead it just makes a file??? Help!!!

  • CT

    OMG it works! Like, 100%! Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Always hesitated at the Erase & Sync part because I always felt there must be some other way I can transfer all my music into my iPhone without erasing anything and THIS IS THE ANSWER! To the creator of this software, a HUGE THANK YOU! I am listening to the music playing from my iPhone right now all thanks to you 🙂 And best of all, all my contents in my phone are intact!!! 😀

    • Wow, thanks for your review, so happy we were able to help.

  • looseparts

    Holy Smokes !! You have helped an iOS hater just a little bit happier! The process was really easy and intuitive (Mr. TL;DR here…) I really appreciate how professional and effective your software is – after a few minutes I have ‘Clash City Rockers’ blasting through my head – Aww Yiss….

  • Mark

    Does the trial version not allow you to add songs? I have no Add button.

    • Hi Mark, you are looking at the wrong program. CopyTrans Manager is free and does not require payment in order to add songs!

      • Mark

        Got it! Thanks for your reply. Liking this so far. SO much better than iTunes.

        • cait

          The same problem as me, how do I get the proper version?

          • Hi Cait, be sure to run CopyTrans Manager which is the program with the orange icon. Not CopyTrans which is the program with the blue icon. Enjoy!

  • Mari Alessandrae Rosero


  • Tionnie, great to hear that. Enjoy!

  • SShold

    Can I use CopyTrans Manager on my Mac? Or is this only a Windows file? I have an older Mac that wont allow me to install the newest version of iTunes. And my iPhone 6s will only use the latest version of iTunes. So I have no way of putting music on my new iPhone.

  • Isha Manoj

    Hi I tried to do this I was able to update but I didn’t get any of the songs on my iphone..kindly suggest

  • I’ve tried to install copytrans, but there is no ADD button.

    • Hi, be sure to use CopyTrans Manager and not CopyTrans; the two are different programs.

  • Mark Fain

    I’ve got music and ringtones part but what about notification sounds? Custom sounds like for your text messaging email etc?

    • Hi Mark, thank you for using CopyTrans. I am sorry to report but it is impossible to transfer notification sounds using CopyTrans.

  • Yong Lim

    yes finally i got it,
    all friend please take note
    the orange icon is correct one
    thanks I love you

  • Marina Maalouf Choueri

    LIFE SAVER! Sounded to good to be true at first, I can’t believe how easy this was. Worked 100% for me, seemless experience. Thank you so much!

  • Abhishek M S


    I don’t find any Add or Edit buttons.

    • Hi, I apologize for the inconvenience caused. Could you please email me directly to (Ivan) and explain what you’re trying to achieve. Could you attach a screenshot as well? Thank you.

      • Dreak

        I have the same problem, how to solve?

        • Hi Dreak and Abhishek, as I see from the screenshot, you’re talking about two different programs. Copytrans helps you to back up music from your device to iTunes/PC and there is no “Add” or “Edit” button. With CopyTrans Manager you can add and edit songs from your PC to your device and that’s the program you need. Here’s CopyTrans Manager product page:

    • Dreak

      How did you solve it?

  • Alexandria Postrano

    Hi! What will I do with this? I can’t click anything when I connected my phone.

    • Hi, I apologize for the inconvenience caused. To understand the reason of the problem, I’d need a bigger screenshot and a bit more information. Could you please email me directly to and, explain what you’re trying to achieve and attach a screenshot? Thank you.

  • Suraj Sharma

    Life saver… thanks a ton it works 🙂 GOD BLESS YOU!!

  • Sehan Dilshan

    It is working. superb thank you……………

    • Alla CopyTrans

      You are very welcome!

  • Lauryn Guerrieri

    I don’t have the add button! I can see what’s on my ipod but I can’t add anything from my computer…

  • Hello Chloe, I apologize for the inconvenience caused. it’s hard to understand the reason of the problem without looking closely at the program log files. Could you please generate and send them to I’ll do my best to help. These guidelines explain how to send the log files:
    Thank you.

  • Hi, Sumanth Reddy, initially dragging worked well, so we need to dig into it, could you please send us your log files as described here at Thank you!

  • Gerald Ncc Boii

    I added the song i wanted, edited it and pressed on update, it finished updating but the song i added does not show up in my phone, please help.

  • Jake Stone

    Thank you very much. Apple has made Itunes impossible to use for people that just want to buy their own music and not use Apple music. This program has made it easy for me and my wife to share music she still uses an ipod and this makes it far more easy.

    • Marika CopyTrans

      We are happy that you and your wife enjoy our software, Jake. Your kind words inspire us.

  • NotImpressed

    Not good experience, when installed the CopyTrans GUI didn’t show the “ADD” button, so I tried the “start backup” to see if it was necessary first.

    It didn’t help, still no “ADD” button and it used all the “free actions” which actually means # of songs (as in 1 song = one action) that can be transferred at all. Additionally I cannot see any songs in the GUI from my Itunes, period, even after the backup. This software is opaque and less user friendly then Itunes if that was possible.

    Not impressed. I realize that software writers have to eat, but at least make it user friendly and worth considering “purchasing” full access.

    • Hello, there’s a slight misunderstanding. CopyTrans was designed to back up iPhone music and videos to the PC or iTunes. To add music from PC to iPhone you need to use another program, CopyTrans Manager (which is free). The guide below shows how to transfer PC music to an iPhone/iPod/iPad:

      • yeah that happened to me too ! Then I install the second which CopyTrans Manager with the orange icon 😉 😀

        • Well, this happens from time to time 🙂 So glad that you’ve managed to deal with the issue 🙂

  • works with charm on my iphone5c Thank You ! Anyway does this import only musics or we can do for videos & photos as well

  • Anika Sharma

    My music goes to movies/videos instead to music how do i change that

    • Irina CopyTrans

      Hi Anika, this is odd. Would you mind sending me your log files at so I can look into your issue and fix it? Here’s how to prepare the log files:

      • Anika Sharma

        It’s not letting me send you the email I’ve tried so many times I checked everything more than once to see if I typed the email wrong but no it’s just not letting me send the email so what shall I do now?

        • Hi Anika, I have just sent you an email. Could you please check if you received it and reply with some details: what exactly you tried to achieve, what you did step by step and what failed? I’ll try to help.

  • Wu Yi Ling

    Sorry but can I so the same thing on my iPad 4th gen? And if I do it,will the songs that I uploaded into my iPad also appear in my other apple devices that are linked through iCloud or family sharing? Thanks.

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Hello Wu Yi, of course you can do the same with your iPad. As for the sharing – as far as I know you can share only purchased in iTunes tracks or Apple music with the members of your family. We do not support iCloud Music Library yet, so the sharing through cloud is impossible as well. Although, CopyTrans Manager is super fast, so you can just connect your devices and update them with your recent changes, it takes a few moments.

  • Kim

    would like to ask will this work the same for Iphone 7 plus? to transfer music without using Itune.

    • Irina CopyTrans

      Hi Kim, it will work exactly the same with iPhone 7 Plus.

  • Nathan

    I’ve got a problem, I put all my music in one folder, which has many albums (it means folders and folders) then I add them using CopyTrans Manager. But after I ‘Update’ it, it doesn’t show in my Music. What am I gonna do?

  • Ian

    Why do I have to click on three other windows that change to get to the download… Just share the link so we don’t get all the click bate.

    • Hi Ian, thanks for sharing your feedback with us. Could you please specify what exactly you mean? We’ll see what we can do about it to make it more comfortable for our customers. Thanks you.

  • Bob

    You have to download a program to connect to a server to select the program this is not a good thing, research a better program, spyware.

    • Hi Bob, CopyTrans apps are not spyware nor malware. An active internet connection is required only to activate the program and update it to the latest version. We’re testing the connection at the installation stage to make sure that we’ll be able to contact our server to let your activation through. After the program is installed on your PC, you can disable the internet. All CopyTrans apps will work fine.

  • Alvie Morris

    I was a little nervous about downloading this app. But my computer is so old (and barely functional from a previous crash) that i figured i didn’t have much to lose. I gotta say I am very impressed! I’ve been trying for months to get my music onto my phone. My computer is also too old for new version of iTunes and my phone is too new for the old version. This just made my week. Thank you.

    • Hey Alvie, I am so delighted to hear your positive feedback 🙂 and glad that we managed to help you! Happy holidays 😉

  • Your Friend

    Thank you for this! However, I ran into a problem.

    I did a test run with this at first. I only added one song, did all the steps here, and you were right, it worked! I was astounded! However, I realized I forgot to add the album art, so I deleted the song off my iPhone, reconnected it to my computer, and this time tried to add up to 8 songs. It said everything synced all fine and dandy, but when I looked in my phone, there were no songs to be found! I tried this 2 more times, even resprung my iPhone, yet, the songs are no where to be seen.

    Why’s this? It worked the first time, why isn’t it working now?! 🙁

    • Your Friend

      Okay, I found the problem. You have to add the song first and add the artwork. You can’t do it all in one go.

      • Marika CopyTrans

        Exactly, Your Friend, you did the right thing! Sorry it’s a little complicated, but it does the trick 🙂

  • Nick Cuevas

    I cant seem to find out how to have my laptop recongize that my iphone is plugged in, i kept plugging it into different slots on my laptop but it still didn’t recongize my iphone. I need some help desperately

  • Lei

    Hi. I’m getting a warning message saying that I should get the updated copy of the software but when I Ran the update check, I was told that the software was up to date

  • Gio Glen Grepo

    i always get an error. i keep on reinstalling it and again error prompt saying no connection like WTF

  • I Hate Weyane

    I cannot see the add button on the top, I do not know what to do

    • Hello, sorry to hear that. Looks like you are using CopyTrans instead of CopyTrans Manager. Please install CopyTrans Manager from the CopyTrans Control Center and your problem will be fixed 😉

  • Tammy

    Can I transfer my music from Itunes Match to another device with this? Bipassing Itunes. I have downloaded all my music collection onto Itunes Match and want to back it up and share it without the Itunes attachment. Thanks!

    • Irina CopyTrans

      Hi Tammy, unfortunately, we currently don’t work with cloud solutions like iCloud Music Library or iTunes Match.

  • eglal

    everything was fine but the songs are not on my iphone

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Hey, I would need some more details 🙂
      Could you please email us at with a full description of what went wrong and your log files attached. Here are easy guidelines on how to prepare them:

    • Atharv Goel

      I’m having the same problem, I did everything as said but the songs weren’t appearing on my iPad. Is there any thing like it only works on iPhone? Because i’m using an iPad Air and its not working. I am on iOS 10.1.1.

      • Marika CopyTrans

        Atharv, I would also need the logs from you then 🙂 Hard to help without taking a look at them first.

      • John Obrain

        Hey, try MusConv tool with four easy step your way to go with your desired playlist 🙂

  • Vojta

    Thanks a lot for this!! Works like a charm on iPhone SE v.10.2.1 🙂

    • Marika CopyTrans

      you are very welcome Vojta 🙂

  • Tanu Rustagi

    Will this work with i6 (model 2016).???

  • Yogesh Patel

    Does It works For iPhone 7

  • Steven Cooley

    Is there a way to transfer music from IPhone 6 to my computer

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Hey Steven, yes, that’s what we are best at – the program is called CopyTrans:

      • Steven Cooley

        Ok but how do I transfer the music to my IPhone 6 without ITunes because ITunes wants to remove all my media like music because I don’t have the first ITunes library anymore and I don’t have the music on my computer either and it said it had to make a new ITunes library and remove all my media on my iPhone

        • Marika CopyTrans

          Steven, you don’t need iTunes.
          CopyTrans can backup your music to a folder on your PC. That’s reason this program was created in the first place. Here’s how:

          Or you can populate your new empty iTunes with the songs from your iPhone 6 and sync it from there in the future:

          I strongly encourage you to read the materials, that’s what you are looking for 🙂

          • Steven Cooley

            I went to do this and it said I ran out of actions & I can’t afford to buy a program do you have any other options that are free to use

          • Steven Cooley

            Still looking for a free way to do this

          • Irina CopyTrans

            Hi Steven, unfortunately, no 🙁 not for what you are trying to achieve.

          • Steven Cooley

            That’s false advertisement because nowhere in your post did it ever say you have to pay for anything and that’s telling a lie to people also

          • Irina CopyTrans

            Hi Steven, it doesn’t say anywhere that you have to pay because you don’t have to pay. CopyTrans Manager is a free program.

          • Steven Cooley

            But also it never says you will run into a limited of actions or anything like that in the free program either

  • Kriya Mehta

    Thanks alot for this… sister nearly ate me up with her music issues…thank god for copytrans…

    • Irina CopyTrans

      You are welcome 😉

  • Dave Baldwin

    HI – I downloaded CopyTrans as it appears to do what I want – however it will not work with IoS 12.3 ?? When will this be available?

    • Marika CopyTrans

      You sure are from future Dave 🙂
      The most recent iOS version that we support is 10.3.2 which is currently a beta.

  • Emily

    Any idea when a version of this that supports the latest itunes update (12.6) will be available?

    • Irina CopyTrans

      Approximately by the end of next week.

  • Don Sadler

    I have thought about downloading CopyTrans and its other programs several times. Each time I get the urge to do so I see that its incompatible with the Latest iTunes (which apparently CopyTrans still needs to function). Since iTunes updates frequently, I have never purchased your product. Will CopyTrans ever create a version that is completely independent of iTunes so that it is not “broken” every time Apple forces an update?

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Hey Don, all our programs except for CopyTrans Manager are compatible with the recent iTunes. The reason why we have such restriction each time iTunes updates is because we care about your security – each update contains some changes that might potentially affect the performance of the programs and we want to test ourselves first. We are not Apple developers, but since we work with iPhones and other Apple devices, so we are quite dependent on what Apple does. We usually react very fast and make our programs compatible within 24 hours (even less).

  • G.O

    Will this work on ios 10.3.1?

  • Mananquil Andrew

    thanks.. you are a life saver.,.,

  • Ellen Taves

    Everytime i try to add music from my computer it says error and wont add any of my music how do i get it to add my music?



    • Irina CopyTrans

      You are welcome 🙂

  • Crystaliaa

    Hello. Trying to add music to iPhone 6 and getting error message Failed to establish connection with iPhone etc. Have tried everything that it tells me aswell as reinstalling the program and still get error. Used to work fine but haven’t used for about 6months. Any advise would be appreciated. thanks

  • Crystaliaa

    Hello. Trying to add music to iPhone 6 and getting error message Failed to establish connection with iPhone etc. Have tried everything that it tells me aswell as reinstalling the program and still get error. Used to work fine but haven’t used for about 6months. Any advise would be appreciated. thanks

  • JaimeSmithlyn

    How to connect my iphone to the computer

    • Marika CopyTrans

      Hey Jaime, the same way you charge your iPhone – but plug it into the computer instead 🙂

  • Chuck Beaver

    I see that a few months ago this program would only work with iOS 10.3 as the highest version. Will this program now work with iOS 11 or is that still in the future?

  • Wendy

    I tried downloading it but it said that it won’t work with macOS anything that you can do?

  • Emrys Ray

    Said ”Unsupported format – wma – 01 Prologue.wma”. What does that mean and how can fix this?

  • Mohammed AlHameli

    I was able to Back up My Music Library from my Iphone 6 Plus to my computer using your app, now i don’t know how i can restore that Library to my New IPhoneX could you please help me out?

  • Naaaa~

    hi, it is safe to download CopyTrans Manager to my laptop even tho my laptop is not Mac

  • Marko

    Thank you so much for this my man, keep up the good work. Cheers!

    • Irina CopyTrans

      Aww thanks, Marko!

  • Kim Freyberg

    I’m using trans manager for transferring my mp3 music from my windows pc to my iPhone. But why doesn’t the music appears on my Musixmatch player? I see them on my PlayerXtreme?!