How to restore an old backup to a new iPhone after updating to iOS 9?

You backed up your iPhone settings and contents including contacts, photos and messages? You got a new iPhone 6s or made a clean update to iOS 9 and now you wish to transfer your contents back? Did you know that you can restore without iTunes or iCloud? Let’s begin.

Restore music, photos, contacts and more without iTunes

You have tons of music on your computer that you wish transferred to and organized in your newly-restored iPhone but you don’t want to use iTunes? Use CopyTrans Manager. A lightweight iTunes alternative, all it takes is a drag and drop to transfer songs to iPhone or iPad.

  1. Download CopyTrans Manager from the following page

    Click here to download CopyTrans Manager
  2. Run the program and connect the iPhone

  3. Open the location on the PC where you keep your music collection and drag-drop your way adding all the tracks you need drag and drop songs to main copytrans manager window

    CopyTrans Manager also helps you organize the music into playlists for easy reach on the iPhone. create music playlist with copytrans manager

  4. Click the “Update” button to apply the changes update button in copytrans manager


Transferring backed up photos is as easy and it also takes a simple drag and drop with CopyTrans Photo.

  1. Download CopyTrans Photo

    Click here to download CopyTrans Photo
  2. Start the program and connect the iPhone. You see the PC photos appear on the right and any iPhone or iPad photos listed on the left main copytrans photo window

  3. Locate a the photos folder on your PC and select it from the far right side pc photos side on copytrans photo window

  4. Drag and drop the photos from the PC side to the iPhone side drag and drop photos in main copytrans photo window

  5. Click “Apply changes” apply changes button

That’s it! The photos are quickly transferred back to the iPhone. iphone photo albums ios 9


To get your Windows or Outlook contacts and notes to the new or newly restored iPhone, use CopyTrans Contacts.

  1. Download CopyTrans Contacts

    Click here to download CopyTrans Contacts
  2. Start the program, connect the iPhone and click “Import contacts” import contacts button in copytrans contacts

  3. Select “Outlook (direct import from Outlook)” if you are planning on importing contacts from Outlook on your PC or “From file (all contact formats)” if you are planning on importing from Windows Contacts select contacts source popup

  4. Continue with either of the tutorials below:

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Restore from an iTunes backup without using iTunes

You’d be surprised by the number of emails we receive daily with questions related to a range of iTunes backup and restore error messages.

To make our life easier, we developed a dedicated iPhone backup and restore alternative to iTunes called CopyTrans Shelbee. CopyTrans Shelbee can help you avoid dreaded iTunes error messages and successfully restore the iPhone from an iTunes backup.

  1. To begin, download CopyTrans Shelbee

    Click here to download CopyTrans Shelbee
  2. Run the program and click “Restore” main copytrans shelbee window

  3. Click the blue pencil symbol to select an iTunes backup entry copytrans shelbee select ios backup location

  4. Select a recent iPhone backup to restore from select itunes backup

  5. Continue with the restore:

    How to restore iPhone from backup without iTunes

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Restore from iCloud

While iCloud backup is a seamless method of backup and restore, it may not be the most flexible if you chose to start clean and only restore some contents back to the new iPhone.

Having said that, if you decide to restore from an iCloud backup, follow the instructions from the “Hello” wizard, the first time you turn on the iPhone out of the box or after the update: icloud restore procedure

Your take

Are you planning on getting the new iPhone 6s? Are you a start-from-scratch kind or you’d rather restore all contents of your old iPhone at once? Let us know in the comments section below.