Print iMessage for court procedures (iMessage from a friend)

How to print iPhone SMS text messages for a court case

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Let’s say you need to print out text messages in order to present them as the evidence for court or other legal purposes. There are a couple of ways to do it.

Taking screenshots on your iPhone

The obvious and the free one is to take screenshots of messages on your iPhone and then print them out. To make a screenshot, press power and home button simultaneously. There!

Screenshot with iphone

I’m sure you already knew how to take a screenshot with your iPhone. Sorry if I offended you.

But what if you have thousands of text messages? That would probably take you hours, if not days. Months. Years. I’m sure it would feel like years. Okay, let’s say you have time for it and the court hearing is in a couple of years. Go with making the screenshots.

Wait, what if you need time stamps as well? You will need to swipe left with your index finger to see the time stamps, hold it pressed, and then take a screenshot, so you will need to use three fingers at once in not the most comfortable way possible. Yeah, and repeat a million thousand times.

How to see time stamps in sms messages

It is doable, but pretty time consuming. I call shenanigans.

Now, what if you need the other person’s phone number, so you can prove that it’s actually them you were talking to? You can do that too: just delete the persons first and last name and it will show their phone number on top instead of their name. Here:

How to see a phone number in a text message conversation

Let’s sum up.

    Advantages of taking screenshots:

  1. It’s free;

  2. Uh… that’s it.

    Disadvantages of taking screenshots:

  1. Time consuming;

  2. Screenshots take space on your iPhone;

  3. You would have to delete the name of the contact in order for their number to show up;

  4. Truly a hassle if you need time stamps to be included.

Exporting your messages to PDF

CopyTrans Contacts has a faster, no space on your iPhone required, hassle-free solution on how to export your SMS messages to PDF and then print them out. You can also do it with your iMessage, WhatsApp, Line and Viber conversations.

Get CopyTrans Contacts

Export messages with time stamps and phone numbers

As you can see on the screenshot above, CopyTrans Contacts displays dates, time stamps, and phone numbers as well. Just a couple of clicks and you can easily export all of your conversations to PDF to print them out later.

To get step-by-step instructions refer to:

How to print iPhone text messages tutorial

Or watch our YouTube tutorial: