Free space on iPhone

How to free iPhone space with CopyTrans programs?

Phones nowadays are not simple devices used just to stay in touch with others. We use them to listen to music, shoot photos and videos, edit documents, browse the internet and – only occasionally – make calls. Our phone is all our life, and we don’t want to lose any single moment. Obviously, we get very frustrated when sometimes we get something like “Cannot Take Photo” message. If you want to keep all your precious data and free more space, our programs can come very handy.

Delete photos to free space for new ones

CopyTrans Photo can help you easily look through photos and videos on your iPhone and decide which ones you still want to keep on the device and which ones you can store on your PC, where, let’s admit, there’s more storage space than on your phone. With CopyTrans Photo you can reorganize your albums, transfer photos and videos to your PC, and delete unwanted photos. As a result, you get more space for more photos.
Free space for more photos
delete photos from the iphone camera roll

Delete music you don’t listen to anymore

Apart from being wonderful digital cameras, our iPhones are also excellent music players. But do you really listen to all the tracks you have on your iPhone on a regular basis? Quite honestly, there are albums that have not been chosen for weeks. Why are they still on your iPhone? Probably, you are afraid that iTunes will delete them for ever? No worries! With CopyTrans you can back up any music from your iPhone to your PC.
Back up your music
How to back up iPhone music
Now you can choose which songs to keep on your iPhone and which to delete with CopyTrans Manager, therefore freeing some more precious space.
Free space for more music How to delete tracks on iPhone

Delete text messages

Another thing that takes up a lot of space on our devices is messages. We have kilometres of iMessages, WhattsApp or Viber messages, that we just can’t delete (because we do like rereading them even if we pretend we don’t). Solution? CopyTrans Contacts is a program that can save messages of any type on your computer in any desired format (html, doc, xls, etc.). Now all your messages are safe in a folder on your PC and you can delete them from your iPhone. You’ll be surprised how much free space you now have.
Back up text messages How to back up text messages

Delete apps you don’t need

Do you remember those apps you downloaded last year, but then found something better, and now they are just stocked on your iPhone and irritate you when you occasionally come across them? It won’t take even 5 minutes to get rid of them with CopyTrans Apps all at once. An added advantage of this program is that if your iPhone runs iOS earlier than 8.3, you can also clean cash and cookies, which, we all know, take up quite a lot of space as well.
Delete iPhone apps How to uninstall apps

So now you’ll never be taken aback by the message averting you that you don’t have enough space any more. You are finally free to take as much pictures as you want and save as many messages as you feel like!


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