Delete pictures without Recently Deleted folder in iOS 10

How to delete iPhone photos permanently and get rid of Recently Deleted album on iOS 9?

Apple introduced a new highly appreciated criticized feature in iOS 9 – the “Recently Deleted” album which stores all photos you deleted in the past 30 days. Photos accumulated in Recently Deleted can quickly clog up storage space on your iPhone without you knowing. In addition, let’s face it, you meant to delete those Saturday night photos forever!

We demonstrate two quick ways to delete iPhone photos permanently without sending them to Recently Deleted.

First off, let’s get rid of the photos in Recently Deleted

To do so, open the Photos app on your iPhone, make sure you are in Album view and tap “Recently Deleted”. recently deleted photos in ios 8

Tap “Select” from the top right corner of the screen and select all photos you wish to delete by single-tapping on each one. select recently deleted photos on iphone

Now tap “Delete”. permanently delete photos from iphone

Delete iPhone photos permanently with one click

Save yourself the extra taps and avoid having to delete iPhone photos twice. CopyTrans Photo is a PC program that allows you to delete multiple Camera Roll photos and videos permanently from your iPhone in one click and without ever sending them to Recently Deleted. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download CopyTrans Photo

    Get CopyTrans Photo now
  2. Launch the program and connect the iPhone. Your iPhone photos and albums appear on the left hand side. Choose the Camera Roll entry from the top right pane copytrans photo main program window

  3. Select the photos you wish to delete select iphone photos from pc with copytrans photo

  4. Right-click the selection and choose “Delete” delete photos from camera roll

  5. Click the “Apply changes” button on top apply changes button in copytrans photo

The selected photos are permanently deleted from the iPhone and are not sent to Recently Deleted. To delete photos which were previously placed in Recently Deleted, do that from your iPhone screen as described on top.

Delete all photos from iCloud

If you have iCloud Photo Library enabled, it would be even faster to delete all your photos with our new CopyTrans Cloudly app.

  1. Run CopyTrans Cloudly. Enter your Apple ID and password.
    Enter Apple ID and password

  2. To delete all photos from iCloud, click “Delete”:
    Delete photos from iCloud Photo Library

  3. That’s it! Just wait until all your photos are deleted.
    Delete all photos from iCloud Photo Library

Remove ‘Recently Deleted’ feature from iOS 8

(requires jailbreak)

Don’t have access to a PC but still want to delete iPhone photos permanently without sending them to Recently Deleted? You need to jailbreak your iPhone and install a tweak called NoRecentlyDeleted. Now, jailbreaking may not be for you, but if you are willing to give it a try – trust us – it is very easy.

  1. Use one of the guides to get the iPhone jailbroken

  2. Enter Cydia and search for NoRecentlyDeleted. Once you found the tweak, select it, then tap “Install” install norecentlydeleted jailbreak tweak on iphone

  3. Let the tweak install after which the iPhone will restart installed norecentlydeleted on ios8

That’s it! Now try to delete any photo from Camera Roll. You’ll happily observe that the photo is deleted permanently and is never placed in Recently Deleted.

  • Kayla Tomlinson

    Dumbest fucking album ever I’m SO pissed if I wanted the photo I deleted I wouldn’t have deleted it period.

    • Hi Kayla, many people share your opinion about the Recently Deleted folder on the iPhone. This is why we published the above article. 🙂

  • 映光

    Oh yeah, it’s so much easier to plug your phone into a PC and use some program to delete all your photos instead of just deleting them twice on your phone………………………

    • Indeed, it is much easier to delete multiple photos at once with CopyTrans Photo than having to delete each photo twice from the iPhone screen.

  • Tom Hamlett

    Thank you!

  • rsworden

    > Soon as you do a button appears in the left bottom corner ‘Delete All’

    I had to hit ‘Select’ while in the folder before the Delete All appeared.

  • Jonathan Fregoso

    No. I have an android without an antivirus and never had problems….so iphones should be ok

  • Bob

    Bang on mate, nice and simple!
    The trick is, as mentioned below, you need to almost, ‘immediately’ hit the edit, after selecting ‘Recently Deleted’, i.e. almost simultaneously. 🙂 Works like a charm.

    Don’t know about all those ‘fixes’ and other recommended apps (above), just unnecessary complications, something most humans seem to find ‘intelligent’.

    Thanks, a lot.

  • Oded Beit-Halachmi

    thank you, It works, Halleluyah Riette

  • Richard Allen

    great tip it was driving me crazy that the more pictures I deleted the less space I had!!! I was using accolade and thought that was somehow the issue. Problem solved now. 6.4gb of pictures gone that I’d already uploaded to my mac.

  • Chad Whidden

    You can also select “recently deleted” then “select” put your finger on the pic in the top left and drag to the right and down to the bottom to select all in one swipe. I found that accidentally.

    • Dada

      Thank you enormously Chad!
      I struggle with this issue for months, calling Apple, buying CopyTrans,not being to use my iPhone to take pictures during my whole summer vacation overseas and many other things not to numerate here simply because the deleted pictures were not going away.
      I am truly exalted and grateful for your comment as it works as it is simply stated!

  • Tim Lau

    I created 2 albums named “old photos” and “video library” to store deleted photos and videos. However, all photos and videos I put in these two albums are stored in “Photo Library” that I did not create and my iphone 6s plus do not have Photo Library in Albums. Yet the videos I added show up on my Videos. When I deleted the videos from both my “video library” and “Photo Library” then they are gone. How can I keep the “video library” and my iphone won’t show up the videos on the Videos Album?

  • esolesek

    This is so unbelievablely stupid, only APple could have come up with such a thing. FIne, you want to save what I deleted in a folder, fine, but AT LEAST LET ME DELETE THEM ALL AT ONCE! maybe with a confirmation window…..jeezus!

    • Yes, it’s incredibly hard to delete photos from an iPhone for the good. But downloading images to the PC from iCloud is even more painful. It’s almost impossible to free up the iCloud storage.

  • brad

    you and everyone else start with ‘open the Photo app’, I am extr
    emely ignorant , so WHERE IS THE PHOTO APP?

    • Hi Brad, it’s the Photos app on your iPhone. It looks like a colorful little flower.