How to backup Candy Crush saga with scores

How to backup Candy Crush progress on iPhone?

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Starting from 1 December 2020, CopyTrans Apps will no longer be available for download and will not receive any further updates. It will also disappear from CopyTrans Control Center, where it will be replaced by our next‑generation product, CopyTrans Filey.

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Losing your Candy Crush Saga game progress is no fun. How many jelly beans, lemon drops and lollipops did you move around before reaching the Crunchy Castle in World Three?

Let us show you how to backup Candy Crush from your iPhone along with game progress and how to transfer it to another iOS device!

Let’s backup and transfer Candy Crush scores

Begin by downloading the free CopyTrans Apps from the page below:

Click here to download CopyTrans Apps
  1. Install CopyTrans Apps and run the program on your PC. Connect the iPhone or iPad via the USB cable

  2. The iOS apps and games appear in the main program window list of ipad games in copytrans apps

  3. Select Candy Crush Saga and click on the “Backup App” button candy crush selected on pc window

  4. Choose the location on your computer where to backup Candy Crush along with the game progress. In this case, we selected the PC Desktop browse for backup location on pc

  5. From the new popup, click “Ok” to confirm the backup backup app prompt

  6. Candy Crush along with the game progress is now backed up to a single IPA file candy crush ipa file on pc desktop

Restoring Candy Crush Saga and game progress to another iPhone or iPad

You can always transfer Candy Crush along with your game progress to another iOS device or even to the same iPhone. Just run CopyTrans Apps again and connect the other iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Then, simply drag and drop the Candy Crush IPA backup file from the PC to the open CopyTrans Apps window. drag and drop ipa file from pc to ipad

Candy Crush Saga along with your game progress is transferred to the other iPhone. candy crush saga on iphone

Tip: The same method works to back up and transfer other iPhone games and their scores too.

Note: An alternative method to conserve Candy Crush game progress is to sign in to Facebook. The above backup method does not require you to do so. candy crush saga startup screen

This is how easy it is to backup Candy Crush Saga to PC and transfer the game and its progress to another iPhone. Enjoy!

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