Here’s how to transfer contacts and calendar between Outlook and iPhone without iTunes

Outlook has long been the corporate gold standard on Windows for managing company mail, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes. But if you have a work iPhone or an iPad, you’d know that Apple’s integration with Outlook has been patchy to say the least.

Forget the days of manual file export and import and confusing iTunes sync. We picked the most popular guides from our FAQ section to help you navigate your way through Outlook and iOS with ease. Let’s begin.

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Import Outlook contacts to iPhone

You are trying to get your enterprise contacts from Outlook to an iPhone or iPad but the company IT policy doesn’t allow installing iTunes on work PCs? Well, you don’t need iTunes to transfer Outlook contacts.

What’s more, we’d advise you against trying iTunes sync at all. It’s confusing at best of times and may in some cases wipe out your carefully organized address book.

  1. Instead, download CopyTrans Contacts on the PC where Outlook is installed

    Click here to download CopyTrans Contacts
  2. Run CopyTrans Contacts, connect the iPhone and click “Import contacts” main copytrans contacts window

  3. Choose “Outlook (direct import from Outlook)” popup to import contacts from outlook

  4. Continue with the complete tutorial by clicking on the button below

    How to import Outlook contacts to iPhone

Importing Outlook contacts to iCloud? It works in a very similar way: How to transfer Outlook contacts to iCloud.

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Transfer Outlook calendar to iOS

Keeping Outlook calendar appointments at your fingertips should not be a far-fetched daydream. You can easily make the Outlook calendar available on all your iOS devices by transferring events directly to an iCloud account. Or you can keep the calendar offline and private by copying it locally to the iPhone.

  1. To begin, get CopyTrans Contacts on the PC where Outlook is installed

  2. Start the program and connect the iPhone

  3. Click on the Calendar icon on the left then click “Import calendars” calendar section of copytrans contacts program window

  4. Choose “Outlook (direct import from Outlook)” outlook popup

  5. Continue by following the 3 remaining steps in this dedicated tutorial:

    How to copy Outlook calendar to iPhone

Transferring Outlook calendar to iCloud? It’s equally simple; just follow this guide: How to export Outlook calendar to iCloud.

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Copy notes from Outlook to iPhone

Many people keep notes in Outlook in addition to contacts and calendars. To transfer Outlook notes to iPhone, download CopyTrans Contacts, run the program and connect your iPhone.

  1. Navigate to the notes section by clicking on the Notes icon on the left. iphone note in main program window

  2. Next, click “Import notes”. import notes button

  3. Click the button below to follow the remaining steps:

    How to transfer Outlook notes to iPhone

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Export iPhone contacts to Outlook

Unlike methods of manual CSV file transfer, CopyTrans Contacts directly copies all iPhone contact details to Outlook including contact photos, phone numbers, email addresses and more.

  1. Download and run CopyTrans Contacts on the PC and plug in the iPhone or iPad

    Download CopyTrans Contacts now
  2. Select the iPhone contacts you want to copy and click “Export selected” export selected button in copytrans contacts

  3. Choose “Outlook (direct export to Outlook)” popup with export optoins

  4. Click on the button below to continue with the rest of the steps

    How to transfer iPhone contacts to Outlook

Check out this 1-minute YouTube tutorial demonstrating how to export iPhone contacts to Outlook:

Export iCloud contacts to Outlook. iCloud allows you to export contacts to a VCF file on your PC. However, it’s worthless trying to import this file to Outlook as Outlook cannot read it correctly. Here’s a real method of exporting iCloud contacts to Outlook that actually works: How to transfer iCloud contacts to Outlook.

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Transfer iOS calendar and notes to Outlook

  1. Run CopyTrans Contacts on the same PC where Outlook is installed

  2. Start CopyTrans Contacts and connect the iPhone containing your calendar or notes

  3. From the main program window, navigate to either the Calendars or the Notes section by clicking on the respective icon on the left-hand side iphone calnedar in main window

  4. Select the calendars or notes you wish to export and click on the “Export selected” button export selected button on top

  5. Choose “Outlook (direct export to Outlook)” direct export to outlook option in copytrans contacts

That’s all. The iPhone calendar and notes are transferred to Outlook on your PC. outlook calendar and notes

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  • Totem5

    I do not want to simply transfer notes. I want to sync them. Is there a way to do that? I have over 3,500 notes gathered over years. This is data I want secured. The cloud is still too insecure. Is there a way to sync vs transfer? Thanks!

    • Hi Totem5, for the time being sync is not supported in CopyTrans Contacts as the program is designed to transfer notes between iPhone and Outlook.