Consider these 5 ways to backup iPhone and iPad before updating to iOS 9

Backing up an iPhone is easier than you may think. While you probably won’t lose data during the update to iOS 9, it is important to backup your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in advance.

Mishaps can and do happen. Better take the easy road of backing up before upgrading, rather than the long and disappointing trail of data recovery after the update. Favor more than one backup method as iOS backups and restores are prone to glitches.

1. Backup iPhone to PC without iTunes

CopyTrans Shelbee works to backup your iPhone just like iTunes but without all the bulk and fuss. And without the risk of accidental “sync and erase”. You can choose the backup location and perform latest-changes incremental backups.

  1. Download CopyTrans Shelbee

    Click here to download CopyTrans Shelbee
  2. Run the program, connect the iPhone and click “Backup” copytrans shelbee main program window with backup button selected

  3. Click “Full backup full backup button in main window selected

  4. Select the backup destination by clicking on the Blue pencil button and click “Start” to begin the backup. start backup button

That’s it; the backup is saved to the PC location of your choice. Use this backup if you need to restore the iPhone after updating to iOS 9. restore button in copytrans shelbee

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2. Backup iPhone contacts, messages and notes separately

If you are looking to start clean with iOS 9 and wish to back up only the iPhone contacts, messages or notes, use CopyTrans Contacts.

  1. Download CopyTrans Contacts

    Download CopyTrans Contacts now
  2. Start the program, plug in the iPhone and navigate to the Contacts, Messages, Calendars or Notes section by clicking the respective icon on the left copytrans contacts window with iphone contacts selected

  3. Select the contacts, messages, calendar events or notes you wish to back up and click “Export selected” export selected button

  4. Follow the separate tutorials below to continue with the backup of your contacts, messages, calendars and notes respectively:

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3. Save all iPad photos in one go

CopyTrans Photo allows you to save your iPad photo library separately on a PC. It also backs up photos outside the Camera Roll and can help you copy individual photos too.

  1. Download CopyTrans Photo

    Click here to download CopyTrans Photo
  2. Start the program and connect the iPad. The device photos appear on the left, while PC folders and photos appear on the right copytrans photo main window

  3. Click on the “Full Backup” button on top full backup button in copytrans photo

  4. Select the location where to back up the iPad photo library and click OK. popup to create a new folder on pc

The photos are backed up on the PC, organized in albums just as they appear on the iPad. ipad photo albums in windows explorer window

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4. Make a copy of your iPhone music and ringtones

Chances are you don’t use iTunes all that often. Even if you did, you’d still want to back up the music on your iPhone considering the recent iTunes update mishaps. Here’s how to get iPhone music, playlists, videos and ringtones to PC.

  1. Get CopyTrans from the page below

    Click here to get CopyTrans now
  2. Start the program, and connect the iPhone. CopyTrans lists the iPhone songs, playlists, videos, ringtones and voice memos main copytrans window

  3. Continue with the backup by choosing what you’d like to do next:

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5. Don’t count on only a single iCloud or iTunes backup

iCloud backup is possibly the most seamless and automated method of backing up an iPhone but it is also the easiest way for something to go wrong unnoticed.

To back up the iPhone with iCloud, go to iPhone Settings > iCloud > Backup > Back Up Now. icloud settings on iphone

Only perform iTunes backup if you regularly sync the iPhone with iTunes on your PC. To backup the iPhone with iTunes, run iTunes, connect the iPhone and from the iPhone settings in iTunes, click “Back Up Now”. back up now button in itunes

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Check this 1-minute YouTube tutorial on how to backup iPhone without iTunes or iCloud.

Peace of mind with The CopyTrans 4 Pack

The CopyTrans 4 Pack contains all the tools you need to backup iPhone without iTunes before upgrading to iOS 9. It is the easiest way to give you peace of mind in knowing that all your iPhone contents are safe.

Get the CopyTrans 4 Pack now copytrans 4 pack

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