6 hidden features in iOS 11

6 hidden features in iOS 11

I know what you think – another article about the customizable Control Center, screen recording, and the ability to text Siri in iOS 11. Well, I’m happy to prove you wrong 🙂 I’m pretty sure that experienced users have already checked out all the popular features, but I’ve managed to find a few that were not highly advertised but that still might prove very useful. Let’s start, shall we?

Moving multiple apps

I’ll start with my personal favorite – it made my friends go “wow” and I became an iOS wizard in their eyes.
I managed to move 4 apps to a folder at once. The whole trick is to use two fingers when you want to select multiple apps. While holding an icon and moving it to the bottom of the screen, tap on the remaining icons you want with another finger and it will collect them all in one batch.

This video explains the process perfectly:

Persistent notifications

It’s happened to all of us: a friend is texting you the answers to that big test and you don’t have the photographic memory needed to memorize the answers in those few seconds before the notification disappears from your screen, so you have to go to Messages…well you know the drill. Say no more! Now you can have persistent notifications for a specific app, so the pop-up will be fixed at the top of the screen until you swipe it off. Go to settings, then notifications and choose an app.

No more “Rate us!”

I’m not even going to ask since I already know the answer – we all hate it when apps ask you to rate them in the AppStore. Sometimes I don’t even mind giving the devs some encouragement, but all I want is just to click, “Yes, guys, I love your app,” and never be taken to the AppStore. Well, in iOS 11 you can forget about nosy pop-ups in your favorite app. Go to settings, scroll to iTunes and AppStore, click on it and switch the toggle next to In-App Ratings & Reviews to turn it off. Thank me later!

Go to settings, scroll to iTunes and AppStore, click on it and switch the toggle next to In-App Ratings & Reviews to turn it off.

Delete unused apps

Below, you can find another useful setting introduced in iOS 11 – you can delete rarely-used apps from your Home Screen but keep all your data and preferences. You can easily restore afterward from the AppStore. If, like me, you are lazy and attached to things, give it a try. It really comes in handy to keep your Home Screen neat and free up some space for yet another video of your cat.

Go to Settings -> iTunes & AppStore and switch the toggle off next to Offload Unused Apps

Document scan

A long-awaited feature for businessmen – you can now scan documents and add them to your iCloud Notes. Go to Notes and select an iCloud folder if one is not already selected. In the bottom center part of the screen click on the + icon and choose “Scan documents.” Your camera will immediately try to find a piece it can focus on, just like in the screenshot:

Use your iPhone to scan your documents and put them to your iCloud Notes

Auto-answer calls

Another interesting iOS feature is auto-answering incoming calls. Imagine you are walking somewhere in the North Pole and you don’t want to take off your mittens to answer a call, or maybe your hands are dirty because you were painting yet another masterpiece… There are many situations where this setting might be useful. To set it, go to General -> Accessibility -> Call Audio Routing -> Auto-Answer Calls, and once you switch the toggle, set the time frame after which you’d like the call to be answered.

Set in how many seconds you want to reply to your call

If you have another feature worth mentioning – don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We’d love to hear what you think!