Amazing confetti in new iOS 10 in iMessage

2 things to do before upgrading to iOS 10

You’ve probably heard about the new iOS 10 release, which has been quite controversial so far. Did you get hooked on the new iMessage confetti and invisible ink features? Were you impressed that Siri can now order you a taxi home? You are still a little hesitant about upgrading, aren’t you? Don’t be, we are here to help you do it safely. You don’t want to upgrade and find out that all your music, photos, messages are gone with the wind. Better safe than sorry!

We decided to create a two step guide on how to:

  1. Back up your data

  2. Organize your iPhone

The first step is completely free and can be done with CopyTrans Shelbee. The second step is optional, it provides you with the opportunity to organize your photos and music so you can give your old iPhone a fresh new start. It does require purchasing some of the CopyTrans programs (you can always test them before buying).

Step 1. Back up your iPhone

Let’s start with step 1: free of charge (and free of iTunes). Back up your valuable data without iTunes with our free CopyTrans Shelbee program:

Back up your iPhone

  • After your backup is completed you can update to the new iOS 10 without fear. To update to iOS 10 simply go to settings → general → software update.

  • If something goes wrong and you lose all your data, you have a backup you created a little while ago. What if something did go wrong? Well, you have a backup now, so you can restore your iPhone following these simple steps:

  • Restore your iPhone

So, with CopyTrans Shelbee you can back up:

  • iPhone settings, contacts, calendars, messages, and photos/videos in the Camera Roll;

  • passwords for email accounts, Wi-Fi, and websites if you select encrypted backup option.

You can not back up (due to Apple limitations. Boo):

  • photos and videos outside the Camera Roll;

  • playlists, music, podcasts, and other multimedia from the iPhone Music app;

  • apps, if you are running iOS 9 and later. But this one is not a problem since you can re-download only the apps you want to keep from the app store, and guess what? All the documents you had publicly available in your apps are backed up as well. For example, you had movies in your VLC app, pdf files in your PDF viewer app and so on. You will be able to reunite with all your documents after you download VLC app and PDF app from the app store.

You probably have lots of questions right now: “What do I do with the photos that are not in the camera roll? What about my music? Was it all for nothing?!” Hold your horses. We are here to guide you through the second step.

Step 2. Organize your iPhone

Do you want to finally organize all those Snapchat pictures of you looking like a marshmallow you took million years ago? Do you only want to keep the best pictures from your hiking trip instead of a thousand views of the same tree, but from different angles? Does your music library look like a disaster? Now it’s a perfect opportunity for you to finally organize all your data in a way you want it to be organized. And do a backup of it as well.

  1. Organizing your music

  2. Organizing your photos and videos

Organizing your music

You probably happen to have a couple of your old iPods laying around the house. Or maybe you have a friend’s old iPhone with lots of good music on it. With the help of CopyTrans you can easily transfer your iOS device music to your PC. After you’re done transferring music you’ll want all those songs on your iPhone. CopyTrans Manager will help you transfer music from PC to iPhone. If a couple duplicates crept into your iPhone while you were composing the music library of your dreams from your multiple iOS devices, CopyTrans Manager will sure help you find and delete duplicate songs on your iPhone. Do you have a couple of CD’s laying around and you never knew how to transfer CD music on your iPhone? Here’s how to transfer CD music to iPhone without iTunes. And to top it all off, after all data is neatly organized, you can back everything up to an external hard drive, just to be extra sure. …Yeah, we can do that, too.

Organizing your photos and videos

So, you have lots of weird screenshots you took two years ago and accidental pictures of body parts you don’t want on your iPhone. You ran out of space and can’t update to iOS 10. Here’s how to delete multiple photos from your iPhone. Do you have lots of Snapchat videos back from when your little sister first discovered it was a thing? Are they too cute you can’t just delete them? With the help of CopyTrans you can easily transfer all the videos to your PC to free up tons of space on your iPhone.
After you’re finished deleting unwanted data, you can go further and create new albums for your photo collection and generally sort and organize photos on your iDevice.

Now after you’re done with organizing your photos and videos you can back all of them up with one simple click:

Back up your photos and videos

There you go! Now your iPhone is all ready for that awesome new iOS 10. If anything goes wrong, now you have a Shelbee backup + a backup of all your music collection, photos and videos.

If you have any questions about our software, don’t hesitate to ask us at Happy updating!