11 iPhone secret features we bet you don't know.

11 secret iPhone features we bet you didn’t know

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So it’s not your first iPhone; you’ve had Apple devices for years and you think you know it all, from A to Z. I can bet that at least one feature from this list will make you go, “Wow, how did I not know this before?”. Ready to get started with 11 iPhone secret tips and tricks even you didn’t know? Let’s go!

  1. Let me start with something absolutely epic. Remember all those times when you accidently entered the wrong digit on your calculator and you had to start your calculation all over again? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Did you know that a simple swipe to the left at the top right of the screen serves as backspace and deletes the last digit? As simple as that.Swipe from right to the left to delete the last digit

  2. Since we are talking about calculations, do you know that you can use Spotlight to perform simple conversions? Like miles to km, inches to meters, dollars to euros etc. Just type a query into Spotlight search bar (swipe down on any page) and it will try to make a conversion.Type the query in the Spotlight and wait for the top hit

  3. There’s an easy trick to re-enable Low Power Mode even when your iPhone is charged over 80%. Just swipe the notification to the left – no need to go to Settings.Swipe left to re-activate the low power mode

  4. You can actually change the order of app icons when you share something. I would have never guessed. Would you?Tap and hold on an icon and change the order

  5. Have you ever had the urge of pressing ctrl+F to find something on the web-page? I know I had, but until recently, I had no idea that in Safari it’s actually possible. Just type a word in the search bar and scroll down until the last tab “On This Page”. Thank me later.Type the query in the search bar and scroll down till you see On This Page section

  6. Since we are talking about Safari – did you know that you can restore a closed tab? Just press and hold “+” at the bottom of the screen and Safari will bring you a list of recently closed tabs. Saved me a few times.Tap and hold the + sign at the bottom of the screen to open list of recently closed tabs

  7. One more cool trick with Safari – if you want to access the full version of the site, just hold the Reload button and the device will let you switch. Pretty cool, right?Hold on the refresh arrow to request a desktop version of the site

  8. There are many hidden features in Siri, as it improves really fast. It can actually prove quite helpful if you’ve found somebody’s iPhone and, as a good person, you want to bring it to the owner. If Siri is available on this iPhone, you can just ask her “Whose iPhone is this?” and she can share some info and even emergency contacts.Ask Siri who's iPhone is this and she will give you all the info

  9. This is probably a known feature, but people tend to forget about it. For devices like iPhone 6S and higher you can use 3D Touch for shortcuts – like making a new tweet, switching accounts on Instagram, writing a new email etc. We should use this more often, don’t you think?Just power hold an app icon to access hot keys

  10. There is a workaround for one of the infamous Apple restrictions with zoom. If you want to get to the last pixel, just crop a picture tiny bit and zoom-zoom-zoom.Edit the picture by cropping it a bit and zoom in.

  11. I came across a pretty genius yet elegant way of switching off the the iPhone flashlight. Just swipe lightly to the left to start opening the camera and it will turn off by itself. This works for users on iOS 10 and older.Half-swipe left to activate camera and turn off the flashlight

  12. I hope that you had this wow-feeling while reading and trying out some of these features. If there’s something you think people should know about, I encourage you to leave a comment.