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Your iPod is not recognized by your computer, iTunes or CopyTrans in spite of our hints and you have a Sony Vaio computer?

We assisted several customers who had connection problems between their iPod and their computer and we couldn’t figure out what was going wrong until we realized all of them had a Sony Vaio.

We started investigating on the internet in search for a solution and found the following post in a forum that provides a pretty good solution:

I would agree that it sounds like a computer issue. But my guess is that it’s a combination of your USB drivers and an incomplete install of the iPod drivers. You’ve never said if the first time you attached your iPod was actually PRIOR to installing the software from the original CD which would have included the necessary drivers. But I’m thinking that sounds plausible. Either way, I think you can fix it:

  1. Through Add/Remove Programs uninstall everything iPod related (iTunes, iPod Updater, etc.).

  2. With the iPod unattached, delete / uninstall / remove the yellow exclamation point entry in Device Manager (do not just “update driver.”)

  3. Again, before you ever attach the iPod again, go ahead and delete / uninstall / remove every entry under the USB section of Device Manager. Don’t worry; Windows will automatically reinstall the whole thing on the next reboot. It’s a quick and easy way to reinstall the USB drivers in Windows.

    If applicable, I would unplug any of your other USB devices during this stage just to be sure that Windows doesn’t get all confused trying to reinstall drivers for the USB system and all of your peripherals at the same time. Once the USB system has reinstalled itself, it should be a matter of just replugging each device; each individual peripheral’s drivers shouldn’t be effected. But wait until you get your iPod working before you do attach the other devices.

  4. Reboot. After Windows has finished reinstalling the USB subsystem, reboot again. Then insert the iPod original CD and follow along. Try attaching the iPod when it asks you to. Hopefully this time you’ll be starting with a clean slate and the install process will go smoothly. Oh, it wouldn’t hurt to do a reset on the iPod (menu/center button) before you attach it. That way the iPod’s starting with a clean slate, too.

  5. Once the iPod has successfully installed (and reformatted), then reattach any of your other peripherals.

  6. It’s worth a shot, and it’s easier than it sounds. Based on your messages, it sounds like you know your way around.

You want to see the whole discussion? Follow this link.

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